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Chuck Amuck

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My good friends Mike and Dean over at The Nutty Nut News Network have just posted a great interview with Chuck McCann on their site which you can visit by clicking here. (Note that the audio file should start playing as soon as the page loads)

McCann is a voice artist, actor and one time children’s television host whose body of work is quite extraordinary. He’s also a Laurel and Hardy fan and does the best impression of Stan and Ollie I have ever heard!

Pieces of Time

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I’d like to take the time to direct anyone reading this to a wonderful website entitled The Nutty Nut News Network, a repository of fantastic archive interviews with old time move stars, technicians and fans related to to work of Laurel and Hardy. I should also add a disclaimer at this point, I am actively involved with the site, all be it in a much smaller capacity than the founders Mike David and Dean McKeown. Basically I offered a few pointers and tips from the sidelines as they built this promising digital archive from the ground up

The foundations of the site were laid in 1983 when Laurel and Hardy fan Guido Cipriani conceived and distributed an audiotape magazine that would unite fellow film buffs across the globe and offer interesting features. Over the years literally hundreds of people were interviewed by various members of the Nutty Nut News Network organization and these recordings have now been digitized and made available for free online. Some of my favorite sections are linked below.



A two part interview with Henry Brandon and Anita Garvin. Brandon appeared in the Laurel and Hardy film Babes in Toyland as the evil Silas Barnaby but is perhaps better known as playing the villanous indian chief Scar in John Ford’s The Searchers. Anita Garvin was a frequent co-star of Laurel and Hardy, often playing one of their wives.



Mike David interviews the voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oil, Mae Questel. It’s amazing to think that at the time of recording Mae was in her eighties and still able to belt out tunes in that distinctive voice.



Tommy ‘Butch’ Bond was one of the original Little Rascals in Hal Roach’s Our Gang series.

All of these interviewees are now no longer with us and this sad fact only serves to heighten the value of these audio files. Important historical nuggets have been persevered forever thanks to the foresight of a legion of dedicated fans. I’m really proud to be associated with Mike and Dean. Mike has tirelessly catalogued and transfered the original tapes while Dean has built a fine website, a method of sharing the tapes free of charge to across the globe. More updates are to come over the next few months as more archive material is added. I only hope I can do their continuing work justice with a few projects lined up for the future…