Rod Serling Conference ’09

In early October 2009 I ventured out into the big wide world and delivered a paper to the Rod Serling Conference in Ithaca, New York. Just before jetting off I was interviewed on BBC Radio Tees and as a result of this I ended up taking a mini-disk recorder along on the trip. With this device I was able to ambush all sorts of lovely people in the name of an audio feature for ‘Auntie’. In the end, though, the majority of these interviews ended up on the cutting room floor, sacrificed in the name of time. Presented here then, are the (pretty much) unedited interviews in their rambling glory, complete with rattling microphones, garbled questions and missed avenues of enquiry!

George Clayton-Johnson: Too Hot For Radio!


Meeting and interviewing writer George Clayton Johnson was one of the biggest thrills of the conference for me and I’m glad to have a thirty minute record of our meeting. It would have been longer but the battery on my recorder gave up the ghost. Some samples from the interview were played out during my second guest spot on BBC radio but for the sake of time we really had to limit our selves to more directly Twilight Zone related material. What you’ll find in the full interview are more of George’s outrageous, yet incredibly persuasively stated, beliefs. At 80 years old he was as full of ideas as he was during his time in the Zone. Great man, great words.

Chris DelliCarpini


One of the things that impressed me the most about the Rod Serling Conference is that the event was not a mere exercise in nostalgia, there was a real sense of people wanting to share new ideas and creative endeavours. This certainly extended to the screenwriting competition and one of my main regrets is that I missed out on attending the awards ceremony. Still, I had the chance to speak with contest winner, Chris DelliCarpini, on tape.

Elena Pizarro


Elena Pizarro was one of the judges on the Rod Serling Screenwriting competition and clearly knows her stuff when it comes to deciding what makes a good Serlingesque screenplay. The interview below represents our first meeting and afterwards she, her husband Don, and I became good friends.


3 Responses to “Rod Serling Conference ’09”

  1. Pshaw! Nice face, Pizarro. Had such a great time meeting you and taking you to all the “hot spots” Ithaca has to offer (which took us approximately 2 hours, total, I think). Your presentation at the conference was delightful and once again, I felt humbled thinking of Serling’s writing genius.

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