‘Marx and Re-Marx’ – Corrections and Expansions

If you would like to notify me of a possible correction please leave a comment below or email me directly at

drewsmith AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

“Refineries Five-Star Theatre For Every Type of Radio Listener” used with permission of Variety Copyright© 2010. All rights reserved.


5 Responses to “‘Marx and Re-Marx’ – Corrections and Expansions”

  1. Ira Dolnick Says:

    I just finished reading your book “Marx & Re-Marx” and enjoyed it very much. I am a big Marx Brothers fan (not in size though) and wanted to mention that I was a guest on a radio show in Chicago and broadcast the surviving episode of the original FS & F on September 20, 1997.

    I also was in touch with a Marx fan who may have other episodes of the original
    FS & F on transcription discs. I sure you are interested in this and I will contact him about your book.

    Thanks for the enjoyable read, Ira Dolnick

    • illegibleme Says:

      Thank you so much, the first buyer review I’ve had so far.

      I’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who might have more Flywheel up their sleeve (even though it would mean my book is outdated!). I have heard rumours of other episodes existing in private hands, but wasn’t able to verify anything.

  2. Hi, I have the book on my “amazon” wish list, so is it any good:) ?
    Looks like a labour of love, the content looks good, I think you should add some ‘info’ on the amzon page, readers info,… Did it sll lots of copies?

  3. Scott Saternye Says:

    Just finished your book, Marx and Re-Marx. I thought I had every book about the Marx Brothers until I found yours on ebay. I had heard quite a few of the BBC productions a couple of years ago and I have the Barson book, so I was very interested in finding out more. I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I could tell it was a labor of love. I even got a chuckle or two from the footnotes (What is it with British authors and humorous footnotes? Of course, you have a long way to go to catch up to Terry Prachett). You could have used a pass with a spellchecker, but that is easily forgiven. Thanks for the research into this slice of all things Marx. Now if only someone would publish an omnibus edition of the Freedonia Gazette…

  4. Can you tell me anything about the Japanese animated series of FSF?

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