Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel (The Original Recordings)

As detailed in my book, Marx and Re-Marx, the 26 original episodes of the Marx Brothers first radio series vanished into the ether shortly after their original run. However, luckily for fans everywhere, some extracts survive – including one complete instalment. For your listening pleasure these are presented below. Sorry about the poor recording quality but as far as I know these could have been stuffed down the back of someone’s radiator for seventy years.

Episode 24 – May 8th, 1933

NB: Two extracts, presented one after the other.

Episode 25 – May 15th, 1933

NB: Extant recording includes roughly the last half of the programme.

Episode 26 – May 22nd, 1933



8 Responses to “Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel (The Original Recordings)”

  1. […] the meantime I have added a NEW PAGE to this site which includes streaming audio copies of all surviving material from the original Five […]

  2. […] I still have no word on the release date but hopefully it shan’t be long before people can place orders. Until then, don’t forget that audio copies of the remaining episodes of the original Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel radio series are available HERE. […]

  3. They no longer seem to be available here.

  4. […] Like most radio produced in that period, transcriptions of Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel were not treated kindly. Most episodes were simply lost to the ages. What survives in common circulation is one full episode, and two partials. […]

  5. Where are the scripts to this lost treasure of classic comedy? I’ve read it’s all public domain, and yet no one has any copy?

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