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Happy (Belated) New Year!

Posted in Marx, Marx Brothers, Ramblings, Re-Marx on January 19, 2011 by Andrew T. Smith

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; so 2011 has been full of activity. Which is a good thing… I think.

By way of an apology please enjoy this picture, which almost, but didn’t quite, make it in to Marx and Re-Marx.


Writer’s Den

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Being the successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of author that I am, a lot of people ask me, “Just what sort of environment does a successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of authors like yourself do his best work in?” Okay, so maybe nobody has ever, or will ever, ask me that, but I recently stumbled across a couple of photos I took  of my “office” over a year ago while writing the 2nd Draft of Marx and Re-Marx. Here, for your pleasure, are the pictures with annotations for aspiring scribes.

1) Letters from potential interviewees.

2) Completely unrelated university project tempting me away from the task in hand.

3) Rotten apple core in a bowl with fork.

4) Better written books on similar subjects.

5) Completely unrelated, diverting, but still better written, book by Louis Theroux.

6) Mobile Phone.

7) Annotated copy of first draft with schoolboy errors pointed out to me in big red letters.

8 ) Big file of notes, in no order what so ever.

9) Socks.

10) Cuddly Lamb (Emma)

Marx Goodies

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In the build-up to the release of my book, Marx and Re-Marx, I set up a Facebook page that was intermittently updated with links to cool Marxian offerings. It seems a shame to confine them to one virtual location, so here they are!


Director Allan Arkush offers his opinion of  A Night at the Opera on Trailers From Hell – CLICK HERE


Harpo Marx in his first film role and ironically, given that this was a silent movie, his only speaking part.


Groucho sings Lydia. Perfection.


American news cameras were present when the BBC recorded their first Flyhweel recreation.


Bill Marx, son of Harpo, recently launched his own website which features some very cool historical curios – CLICK HERE


A Night at the Opera’s famous contract scene, the roots of which can be traced back to Flyhweel, Shyster and Flywheel.


Gummo Marx’s Patented Packing Rack – CLICK HERE

Groucho and Me on the Radio

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Last night I popped over to BBC Tees in order to plug Marx and Re-Marx on The Bob Fischer Show. Bob was great as always and if you’d like to hear the interview skip to around the one hour mark when the following link begins to play. Marvel as I just about manage to hide the fact that I have forgotten almost every date, name and concept involved with the book!


Up For Grabs: Marx and Re-Marx

Posted in Marx, Marx Brothers, Re-Marx with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 25, 2010 by Andrew T. Smith

It’s been a long time coming, but copies of my Marx Brothers book Marx and Re-Marx are now shipping from both for Europe and directly fromBearManorMedia for American orders. If you like it, tell your friends, and I look forward to hearing your reviews!

… I think.


Quick Book Update

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My book, Marx and Re-Marx : Creating and Re-Creating The Lost Marx Brothers Radio Series should finally be available in the next month or so and if you’re interested in reading it there are worse place to get updates than the official Facebook Page.

Scan, Bam, thank you Ma’m

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A couple of weeks ago, film critic, beardie, and all round nice guy Leonard Maltin tipped his readers off to an ongoing project headed up by film historian David Pierce of the BFI’s National Film and Television Archive. The scope of this project is enormous but the intent is for thousends of film and radio industry journels, fan magazines and trade papers from the early half of the twentieth century to be digitised and made available to schollars world wide.

Periodicals like Photoplay, Moving Picture World, Variety and Radio Guide can help shed new light on well trodden histories, revealing insights into how the film industry viewed censorship, detailed info on the wherabouts of famous directors, producers and actors on specific dates, or how fans responded to screen stars. Also worth noting is how the way in which films were advertised has changed. The scan below reveals that Hollywood during it’s golden age suffered from the same anxieties that it is seen to suffer from today.

This is exactly the kind of archive I would have loved to have had available during the research for my upcoming book Marx and Re-Marx. Although I was able to track down a number of ancient clippings via paper-based archives the experience of doing so was almost always tedious and unpleasant – I’m looking at you Collingdale Newspaper Library. (I should note, however, that it was always a pleasure to communicate with fellow collectors and film fans)

Time is running out to preserve and cherish these increasingly rare and valuable materials so I’m going to be doing all I can to encourage David Pierce in his endeavors. If you are at all interested in preserving film history for generations to come I suggest you do the same. To see what has been achieved so far you can visit the Internet Archive and at the projects own temporary web space.