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Are You Being Served, Sir? My Pussy Is Free.

Posted in Ramblings, Sites of Interest on May 5, 2011 by Andrew T. Smith

Another week, another article for the lovely chaps at Tachyon-TV.

Few of the characters in Are You Being Served? were actually related to one another, but literally everything we learned of their personal lives was offered to us through the context of their working lives. To the staff of Grace Brothers, their department was, at times, literally a second home. This may mainly be due to budget restrictions, but, despite existing for the most part within the confines of one floor of a department store, we see the Are You Being Served family go through an awful lot of identifiable family rituals; a youngster leaving the nest (Mr Lucas’ departure), the loss of an elderly member of the group (Mr Granger’s departure), divorce (Captain Peacock’s wife leaves him), a summer holiday (The Movie), and a slightly awkward family reunion (Grace and Favour) – all take place under the benevolent patriarchal eye of Harold Bennett’s ‘Young’ Mr Grace.

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