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From The Get-Go

Posted in Ramblings, Sites of Interest on April 22, 2011 by Andrew T. Smith

Hello all, I’m back with yet another short post to announce a new venture! This time, I’m happy to point you in the direction of From The Get-Go, “a new collaborative blog which delves into the world of pob culture via marathon viewing sessions and reviews. Each weekday,¬†several writers with nothing better to do embark upon journeys through a menagerie of film and television series. In the age of multi-channel broadcasting, DVD distribution and digital downloads it is very easy to pick and choose what media we wish to be exposed to, but here at¬†From The Get-Go, we find that the best way to get to grips with a series of any medium is to make your way through it from the very beginning through to the very end. In doing this you are forced to sit through the low-points as well as the high. Basically pure, sad, fan-boy commitment is the road to enlightenment.”


It’s Getting Eerie Around Here

Posted in Sites of Interest with tags , , , , , , on April 12, 2011 by Andrew T. Smith

Sorry for the lack of any new posts recently, I promise to clear out those cobwebs and oil that creaking door soon. The truth is I’ve been cheating on you with Tachyon TV. My latest offering for that illustrious site, a tribute to the fantastic and unduly neglected Eerie Indiana, can be found here.