Writer’s Den

Being the successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of author that I am, a lot of people ask me, “Just what sort of environment does a successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of authors like yourself do his best work in?” Okay, so maybe nobody has ever, or will ever, ask me that, but I recently stumbled across a couple of photos I took  of my “office” over a year ago while writing the 2nd Draft of Marx and Re-Marx. Here, for your pleasure, are the pictures with annotations for aspiring scribes.

1) Letters from potential interviewees.

2) Completely unrelated university project tempting me away from the task in hand.

3) Rotten apple core in a bowl with fork.

4) Better written books on similar subjects.

5) Completely unrelated, diverting, but still better written, book by Louis Theroux.

6) Mobile Phone.

7) Annotated copy of first draft with schoolboy errors pointed out to me in big red letters.

8 ) Big file of notes, in no order what so ever.

9) Socks.

10) Cuddly Lamb (Emma)


2 Responses to “Writer’s Den”

  1. A fascinating insight into the intellectual’s world there.
    Just one slight error I’d like to point out: your link ‘better written books on similar subjects’ takes us to Joe Adamson’s Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo. Now, admittedly, I’ve not actually read your tome yet, but I have enough confidence in you to predict with certainty that it will be better written than the worst Marx Brothers book of all time.
    Other than that, fascinating – especially that apple core/fork arrangement. I’ll try that myself later this morning.

    • illegibleme Says:

      Why do you consider it the worst Matthew? To be honest I’ve only ever had time to skim it or consult it for specific nuggets of information.

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