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RIP Leslie Nielsen

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“Yes, it’s true, I’ve been called the Laurence Olivier of spoofs. I guess that would make Laurence Olivier the Leslie Nielsen of Shakespeare.”


If you’re looking for a decent obituary for the recently departed Leslie Nielsen, there are far better places to visit than this site. All I’d like to do now is share my favourite story about the man.

During the early days of the medium, Leslie Nielsen was a staple of live television drama. In 1950 alone he appeared in almost 50 shows. One of these early acting appearances was in a science fiction anthology series called Tales of Tomorrow in an episode entitled Appointment on Mars. Nielsen played one of three astronauts, the first to land on mars. When the crew discover vast deposits of uranium they realise the riches in store for them back home but tensions begin to rise. At the climax of the episode a fight breaks out and one of the three are killed. As his shipmate closes in to finish off Nielsen’s character weapons are drawn. Nielson is shot but manages to return the favour before falling to the ground, dead.

At least that’s what should have happened. In the heat of the live television broadcast, Nielsen’s prop gun didn’t go off on cue. Faced with having no ending to the drama, and with millions of viewers tuned in to see everything go wrong, Nielsen thought fast and came up with a compromise. Tossing aside his gun, he ran up to his co-star and strangled him to death instead. So the legend goes.

That’s acting. And here’s the episode.


The B-Keeper: Popeye

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I think this is one of the best episodes so far, but why not decide for yourself? Comment if you have any thoughts!

The B-Keeper’s Trailerama: Bride of the Monster

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No new episodes of The B-Keeper this weekend. I know, I know, you’re devastated. To tide you over until the next instalment, however, here are a couple of repeats, a few bits and bobs I made with Bob Fischer over the last year or so which celebrate that most underrated and confusingly maligned of British sitcoms, Last of the Summer Wine.

The first two teeny videos were taken on our trip to Holmfirth (check out the excitment on my girlfriend’s face during the first vid in particular), while the third documents our viewing of the final ever episode of this behemoth of a series. Enjoy?


Writer’s Den

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Being the successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of author that I am, a lot of people ask me, “Just what sort of environment does a successful, enigmatic, prolific sort of authors like yourself do his best work in?” Okay, so maybe nobody has ever, or will ever, ask me that, but I recently stumbled across a couple of photos I took  of my “office” over a year ago while writing the 2nd Draft of Marx and Re-Marx. Here, for your pleasure, are the pictures with annotations for aspiring scribes.

1) Letters from potential interviewees.

2) Completely unrelated university project tempting me away from the task in hand.

3) Rotten apple core in a bowl with fork.

4) Better written books on similar subjects.

5) Completely unrelated, diverting, but still better written, book by Louis Theroux.

6) Mobile Phone.

7) Annotated copy of first draft with schoolboy errors pointed out to me in big red letters.

8 ) Big file of notes, in no order what so ever.

9) Socks.

10) Cuddly Lamb (Emma)

Marx Goodies

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In the build-up to the release of my book, Marx and Re-Marx, I set up a Facebook page that was intermittently updated with links to cool Marxian offerings. It seems a shame to confine them to one virtual location, so here they are!


Director Allan Arkush offers his opinion of  A Night at the Opera on Trailers From Hell – CLICK HERE


Harpo Marx in his first film role and ironically, given that this was a silent movie, his only speaking part.


Groucho sings Lydia. Perfection.


American news cameras were present when the BBC recorded their first Flyhweel recreation.


Bill Marx, son of Harpo, recently launched his own website which features some very cool historical curios – CLICK HERE


A Night at the Opera’s famous contract scene, the roots of which can be traced back to Flyhweel, Shyster and Flywheel.


Gummo Marx’s Patented Packing Rack – CLICK HERE

Great Moments In Film History: Warbling Wayne

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I’m running a little behind schedule with The B-Keeper but here’s a minisode to tide my viewer over until the next, Popeye-themed, instalment.