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Night of the Living B-Keeper

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Just because you didn’t ask for it, here is the second fully fledged episode of The B-Keeper, this time focussing on George A Romero’s classic zombie film Night of the Living Dead.


Great Moments In Film History: Dracula’s Death

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Just to tide my non-existent audience over until Sunday, here is a B-Keeper Minisode with a suitably spooky Halloween flavour.

Up For Grabs: Marx and Re-Marx

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It’s been a long time coming, but copies of my Marx Brothers book Marx and Re-Marx are now shipping from both for Europe and directly fromBearManorMedia for American orders. If you like it, tell your friends, and I look forward to hearing your reviews!

… I think.


Introducing: The B-Keeper (Episode 1)

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Angela Lansbury @ 85

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Angela Lansbury is a big favourite here at Illegible Me Towers, so to honour the great lady’s eighty-fifth (!) birthday why not indulge in a little bit of a clip fest?

Announcing ‘The B-Keeper’

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I’m very pleased to announce the launch of The B-Keeper, a twice-weekly documentary series about the world of B-Movies, a world where the B doesn’t necessarily stand for Bad. Each episode points the spotlight at one or two films (or film series) that tend to get overlooked in mainstream film histories. The B-Keeper’s definition of B-Movies is broad; they could be Drive-In Delights, Grindhouse Gorefests , Quota Quickies, Daring Direct-to-Videos or Stunning Science Fictions – Basically this is my show and I can talk about whatever I please. So nuh.

This whole project started a couple of months ago while I was busy with my tech-support day job. As I sat editing some footage that held no interest for me, I suddenly realised how long it had been since I had actually made anything myself. I’ve seen a lot of great internet television over the past few years and so decided to dip my toe into that pond. It’s been a lot of work, but if a few of you watch it and don’t hate it then I’d say my efforts were worthwhile. The first episode will go live on Friday 22nd October!