Carpool: Review

Robert Llewellyn’s Carpool is a series i really should have written about sooner, as I have been watching it from the start and can’t recommend  it enough. The premise of this web only chat-show is simple; each week actor/writer/comedian/nice guy Robert Llewellyn invites a guest into his car for a chat. These guests can range from the famous (Patrick Stewart, Stephen Fry, Craig Charles) to the relatively unknown but still incredibly interesting (Charlie McDonnell, Michael Eavis, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones).

The real pleasure in tuning in to Carpool each week is that there is no real agenda to any of the shows. Funding the series himself for the hell of it, Llewellyn doesn’t need to seek advertising space and so doesn’t have to showcase  guests who can pull in high ratings, nor does he have to follow any particular line of questioning. I used the term ‘chat’ above for a reason; these aren’t heavily structured, Parkinson-like interviews. Put simply the guest gets into the car, say hello and then both parties are free to waffle on about anything that comes to mind. As a result of this looseness I think I’ve learned a lot of things about subjects I otherwise wouldn’t be inclined to seek out and research. Until last week, for example, I had no idea there was such a thing as a skeptic movement, but there is – and they talk a lot of sense.

At around 20 minutes an episode the chats are edited down to just about the right length, although I know of some friends who find this amount off time too long to be sat paying attention at a computer screen. I don’t think this reflects badly on the show at all, but rather points to the fact that internet television is still evolving, still trying to hold our attention when the next slice of interaction is only a click away. Carpool, though, I think is on the right track; doing something television can’t or doesn’t particularly want to do.

Anyway, judge for yourself; Carpool – avaialble FREE at Robert Llewellyn’s website or via itunes.


2 Responses to “Carpool: Review”

  1. what a ruddy good bloke he is!

  2. […] their audience has increased to a size able to support them financially. There are chatshows, like Robert Llewelyn’s Carpool, pop-culture review series like That Guy With The Glasses, comedy documentarians such as The Angry […]

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