Burned Up

January seems to have been tough on quite a few people of my acquaintance this year. I myself often get a dose of the January blues, even though I know full well that I have next to no reason to. Perhaps its to do with the come down from Christmas. The return to work and the dark mornings that go with it abruptly become monotonous and gloomy, replacing the pre-festival excitement and wonder.

Then there’s the house, which gets far too easily squalid. Somehow, despite having six times the room I seem to have far less space to function than I did when living in one room at my parents.

Money troubles too, contribute to my current, less that merry, state of mind. Nothing serious, I must add – and you mustn’t confuse my public winges as genuine cry’s for aid! Still, things are a bit lean at the moment and this, bizarrley,  plays havoc with my work ethic. I’m paying through the nose to get a Masters degree yet have felt no great inspirational urge to dash off my last two essays. Personal side projects, too, have been put on hold as I re-embark upon the seemingly never-ending quest of procrastination – of which this blog entry is a part.

Well, never mind all this. Things will get back on track soon enough I’m sure and I promise the next post shall be some rubbish about model boats with crap theme tunes.


One Response to “Burned Up”

  1. Chin up! The good news is that January is soon to be over. I believe spring comes to you much sooner than it comes to us, so you’ll be basking in daffodils soon.

    Here’s what I do for the mid-winter blues: force myself to go outside for a walk, watch big wave surfing videos and movies, light a fire in the fireplace or go our local pub that has a fireplace, read a book and have a hot toddy.

    Hang in there my friend! Things will look up soon.

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