Reasons To Like My Friends and Family

I recently decided to purge my phone of redundant text messages that were taking up space and stumbled across these. No reason for including them here other than that I like them.

“You’ve lost a fight to him, you have. (R.I.P. John Inman)”

“Well done Drew!, cats now trying 2 get in kitchen window! All we need now is 4 the whippets 2 come 4 a visit – another murder!”

“Tis your fault. u gave milk!”

“Lol. I might just store it in my pouch till later like a hamham xxx”

“Ferret beautiful ferret xxx”

“Wher did you get those duck crisps from? L v k x”

“Just found the closing theme to Quatermass II on itunes. A snip at 79p.”

“What the hell is elo? Is it that spikey lego stuff? xxx”

“How much money in slang words is monkey worth? Quick TB x”

“No… I’m being serious…”

“Oh wow! I am like racecar! :D”

“Thick and crisp and even xxx”

“After punching some stuff I’m better xxx”

“OMG we’ve been living in filth urgh šŸ˜¦ x”

“Do you have any personalĀ opinionsĀ on Milton Keynes?”

“What the fuck? You? In a club? With young peoples music? What would norman clegg say?”



4 Responses to “Reasons To Like My Friends and Family”

  1. Paul Hughes Says:

    Did I send you the first one? Presumably shortly after John Inman’s death, 8 March 2007! You have text messages that old?!

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