PLUG: Filmed In Supermarionation


I know this is my second plug in a row on an otherwise infrequently updated blog but I can’t help it if my friends are talented.

“They were the worlds that launched a generation of childhoods; a rocket powered blend of action, adventure and explosions. They were worlds where cars could fly, horses could talk, and where it was better to avoid anything marked ‘atomic engine.’ They were the worlds of Supermarionation. 

Filmed in Supermarionation: A History of the Future is the story as you’ve never heard it before, of the puppet empire that rose from the Slough Trading Estate in the 1960s and created television shows such as Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Fireball XL5 and Joe 90. Starting right at the beginning with a two-line advertisement, and finishing on the day the puppet studios closed in 1969, the book charts the rise and fall of the A.P. Films / Century 21 Organisation’s ‘Supermarionation’ films. 

The book features a wealth of new information, including many previously unseen photographs, and is based on hours of interviews with cast and crew, newspaper articles and previously unpublished paperwork. 

Paperback: 208 pages 9″ x 11.5 

Publisher: Hermes Press; illustrated edition 
Full colour, glossy paper 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1932563237 
ISBN-13: 978-1932563238″

I’ve been lucky enough to read Stephen La Rivière’s Filmed In Supermarionation: A History of the Future through various stages of its development and can say with confidence that Gerry Anderson fans are in for a treat. Stephen has devoted a substantial chunk of his life to writing the definitive history of Supercar, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet et al and his great efforts show through in the final work. Detailed, comprehensive, witty and at times surprisingly moving, I have no hesitation is recommending Filmed in Supermarionation to anyone.

To find out more and order copies of the book you can visit the author’s website


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