Cleggy At The Customs

Today I fulfilled a bit of a dream of mine and got to meet Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine! That is to say I met the very talented and charmingly modest Peter Sallis. The occasion was An Audience With Peter Sallis at South Shield’s Customs House. Along with me was the cravat-wearing bohemian, Bob Fischer who poses with me in the photo below.


Despite being famous mainly for two roles – Norman Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine and Wallace from the animated Wallace and Gromit films – Sallis has had an amazingly varied career and was able to regale the theatre audience with tales of Orson Welles, Patrick McGoohan, Sir John Gieldgud and Dame Edith Evans amongst others. The second half of the show was given over to audience questions and so Bob and I, being the sad, sad people that we are, had to ask about his appearance in the 1960s Doctor Who story, The Ice Warriors. In response he told a very funny story about having to work with, and feign terror at, a baby bear when the scripted adult Grizzley proved too dangerous and expensive to have in the studio. 

After a two hour show the 88 year old still had enough energy to do a signing. Upon meeting him Bob and I were outed as the strange men who asked the Doctor Who question. I’ve known Sallis on television since I was very little so it was fantastic to have a chance to see him in person and find out he’s a very nice man.


3 Responses to “Cleggy At The Customs”

  1. That’s a great picture!

  2. I’m so jealous.
    Perhaps that’s why you didn’t actually tell me you’d met him?
    Well when I meet Claudia Black in my dreams tonight I’m not telling you anything about it.

    So there.

  3. […] in that time I have graduated university, almost had a book published, worked in television, met Peter Sallis, appeared at one international and one domestic conference, produced a radio package for the BBC, […]

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