I Licke Rolf Harris (PART FOUR)

Here are further installments of my 1995 school diaries. Back by ambivalent demand.


In answer to my teacher’s biro written question, “It was alright.” My first brush with fame. As far as I can remember the local news were doing a story on lollipop lady Peggy who eventually received an MBE for being lovely. By strange coincidence my friend Wilkin cropped up on the telly on Monday night grinning at Heston Bloomingpants in the middle of a Little Chef. Sadly I don’t have a copy of this as I’m sure you would all dearly love to see my back on youtube. I also – rather fortunatley – don’t have a copy of the installment of North East Tonight where I can be found banging the drums for our school’s weather dance.


EDIT: I’ve just realised I’ve done a bit of a repeat on that first entry. Have this instead:


If anyone can tell me what the hell Puff and Toot was I would be very grateful!


4 Responses to “I Licke Rolf Harris (PART FOUR)”

  1. Hope that helps and brings back memories, I love the nostalgia of old primary school writings. Thanks for scanning them …

    Little Andrew, before he was tainted by the surrounding world!

    Regards, PD.

    • illegibleme Says:

      Very greatful Paul. A friend on Facebook managed to find an MP3 of the story too so now I can listen to that and look at the picture!

      • I have been searching high and low for an mp3 of puff and toot for my son! Any chance you know where your friend found it??

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