I Licke Rolf Harris (PART THREE)

Two more fun-filled, adventure-packed diary entries for all you sadomasochists who like to read them.


This is the second time I have mentioned going to the pictures in my school diary and I really don’t seem phased by the process. This probably means that the earlier mentioned Pagemaster wasn’t my first trip to the cinema after-all; not that it matters! I clearly remember being turned away from the old Newcastle Odeon. Partly, I think, because that building looked to strange to me. As a child of the multiplex generation I wasn’t used to such an old fashioned place, with carpeted stairways and front of house ticket kiosks. Looking back on it now the place seems rather wonderful, once a single screened Paramount Picture Palace but long since converted into several smaller viewing areas the place  full of charm. It’s a shame it has been left to rot over the last ten years or so.



One Response to “I Licke Rolf Harris (PART THREE)”

  1. John Scott Says:

    ‘Yummy chips’ indeed… Which school did you go to? Enid Blyton’s 50s Academy for Nice Young Men? 😉

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