Resolute Interviews

Happy New Year to all you lovely readers!

My new years resolution is simply to make this a productive year. I have a book to finish, a new project to get writing and a multitude of ideas brewing in the old noggin to get cracking with. As far as this blog is concerned I’d like to continue updating regularly and perhaps engaging a little more with the folk who visit; leave a comment and say hello!

One of my major plans for Illegible Me is to hopefully spice things up a little with a series of interviews. I’ve written a list of people who I would love to meet/speak to/interview this year and if things work out nicely the resulting fruits may be worth posting here. This is the list: 

Harold Snoad – writer/producer

Micheal Knowles – writer/actor

Dick Miller – cult character actor

Kevin McCarthey – another cult character actor

Nigel Plaskit – puppeteer

Anyone who saw Laurel and Hardy live on stage

Anyone who appeared in a silent film

Mike Quinn – puppeteer/animator/filmmaker

Rosemary Anne Sisson – writer

The Chuckle Brothers – children’s comedians

Matthew Corbett – children’s entertainer

Ian Lavender – actor 

Bill Pertwee – actor 

Peter Sallis – actor

Peter Serafinowicz – comedian

George Clayton Johnson – science fiction author

Bill Marx – Musician/Son of Harpo

Kevin Brownlow – film historian/documentarian

Delores Fuller – actress/song writer

Richard Cadell – children’s entertainer/magician

Tony Robinson – presenter/comedian/historian

Some of these people I have connections to. Others I have little or no idea how to reach but we shall see how things work out. I know how tempting it can be to try and locate oneself on google so please – if by some fluke of browsing you are reading this and have found your own name on the list – then get in touch!


One Response to “Resolute Interviews”

  1. Mary wilkinson Says:

    Nearly the episodes are filmed in the summer so why are the cast always dressed in heavy winter clothes , except of course Marina and Howard

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