Shameless Plug: Entertain! Issue 5A

A quick plug today for Entertain! DVD Magazine. Issue 5 of this publication, which can be purchased online or in places like WH Smiths now contains amongst other goodies, an hour long documentary of the puppet shows of Gerry Anderson, Stand By For Action that I worked on some time ago. Here is the proof.

I don’t make a penny from any sales of this magazine so you can trust me (sort of) when I say that the doc is well worth a watch. The one downside here is that the video quality of the DVD leaves a lot to be desired. A low bit rate means the image is very compressed and blocky. (A request to the lovely folks who produce the magazine; please don’t use DVD 5s!) On the plus side this means that there is an awful lot of good stuff crammed onto this DVD. For £3.99 (Or €5.50 if that floats your boat) you get of clips, trailers and feeaturettes from the latest blockbusters, game demos for upcoming PC titles and several other neat things like footage from The Simpsons Universal Studios ride that I haven’t seen any where else. It is also the only place that you can legitamatley get your hands on Stand By For Action anyway.

‘Don’t be silly Moon Man! You can’t sleep during the day!’


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