Cartoon Brew TV

I just wanted to give a quick heads up to a new and very worthy outlet for both vintage and contemporary animation. So far Cartoon Brew TV have posted three animated shorts; one i hated, one a liked and one I loved. Here are the ones I liked and loved.

The Pumpkin of Nyefar is just plain fun. I can’t think of much more to say about the film beyond what has already been said on Brew TV but I highly encourage you to take a look.

Dinner Time is an awful cartoon; slow, clunky and unappealing. So far this isn’t the greatest plug I have ever written but again I suggest you take a look at the link if only for the excellent commentary to the film as provided by Jerry Beck and John Foster. Beck is well known for his excellent animation audio commentaries on DVD sets like the Looney Tunes Golden Collections and now he generously provides the same service to more obscure faire like this early Paul Terry effort and for free to boot!


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