304 Pages Of Niceness Wrapped Up In A Cosy Quilt Of Nostalgia

I finally got around to writing a proper review of Bob Fischer’s wonderful Wiffle Lever to Full! today. To keep you amused until the next post (and it’s going to be a big one so bear with me!) here is that review as written for amazon.co.uk:

As I devoured ‘Wiffle Lever to Full!’ in its entirety over the course of about a week the book quickly climbed its way up to take its place among others in my mental list of favorite reads. I’d happily recommend this book to anyone and indeed I already have on numerous occasions. This isn’t just a book on science fiction, it’s about letting go of childhood, the transition into adulthood and that never ending desire to return to the people, places and things that made you happy when you were young. 

The overwhelming impression one gets from reading this book is just how plain nice Bob is. This isn’t the sort of book that mocks and derides a defenseless sub culture. Fischer loves the subjects of the conventions he attends and actually enjoys spending time with the weird and wonderful people who populate them. At the same time the book is not written from a bitter fan’s perspective. Bob love’s these films and television series but understands that you might not. He isn’t going to judge or deride you if your first impression of science fiction fandom is negative but he will do his best to win you over. If you purchase this book I’m sure he will.


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