Repost: Bloody Buggering DJs

Here is a piece originally posted on my Myspace blog back in March 2007. I was prompted to stick this one year as over a year and a half later there has been an interesting development!

It doesn’t take much to make me grumpy in a club. The loud noises, the sweat, the sticky floors and the general abundance of morons all seem to conspire to bring out the Harvey Pekar/Victor Meldrew misanthrope in me. One thing above all however really gets my goat; chopping off my ladeedaas. Let me explain. 

If one thing is guarenteed too lift me out of my miserable cloud of old buggery it is the sudden yet innevitable airing of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, a song that gets my heart and brain pounding. For some reason during its 3 minutes and 30 seconds duration I become a mindless happy parrot happy to belt out the lyrics at the top of my voice and force my legs to sway me around in what can only be described as an aprroximation of ‘dance’. It takes me to a happier place

So imagine there I am, here are my three and a half minutes of Drew Time and throughout this magnificant, soaring song I await my favorite part, the laadeedaas. You know, the bit at the end. UNFORTUNATELY it seems most DJs are lazy bastards incapable of turning the mix function off iTunes. This results in the last ten seconds or so of one song bleeding into the first ten of the next. Even if, heaven forbid, they aren’t using iTunes most seem to chop it off by choice! 

Why?! Are ten seconds really too much off anyones time? Can’t we wait ten seconds before hearing what some young woman wants up to do with ‘her humps, her humps, her lovely lady bumps’? The worst thing of all of course is that noone else seems to give a damn throwing into sharp relief the fact once more that I am indeed one very sad, strange, little man.

Oh well time to cheer myself up…

UPDATE: Now the reason I chose to repost this bit of waffle is that I recently checked my Myspace inbox. Apparently I haven’t done this since July 2008 as I found a message dated that far back. The message was from a nice American lady called Marcia who wanted firstly to compliment my taste in music (and that doesn’t happen often!) and secondly to share this rather lovely story.

I was going to write something about walking into a theatre during Queen’s soundcheck when I was 14 or 15, the roadies would leave the side doors open so soon me and some other friends realized we could walk in, and if anyone noticed — we’d usually sit near the mixing board, it just appeared as if we were somehow with the band…very young members of the crew or ??…generally the roadies would give us passes to hang around and we knew we’d have to make a fast exit at some point, to not be in an awkward situation…anyhoo…aside from memories of many years ago, and remembering how charming Brian May and Roger Taylor were, (Freddie winked…I think he knew we were crashing, but didn’t seem to mind) it was fabulous.


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