Legible Me


I used to buy Doctor Who magazine on a monthly basis, only giving up after it went all glossy and slid up the collective backside of BBC Cardiff. And although I still have all of the issues I bought I probably haven’t touched them in something like a year and a bit. This all changed earlier this week when I needed to make a trip to the loo. Doctor Who Magazine makes perfect toilet reading: FACT. There is always something worth rereading in either the most meagre of issues and the features are not so long that they end up giving me leg cramp.

On my way to powder my nose I grabbed the first copy of DWM to hand. I say to hand but really I had to rummage past serveral boxes of assorted shite/collectables to get to them. At random I chose  issue number 340 from March 2004 (cover above) and headed off to do my mucky business. It was to my surprise then to find, on page 33, me! Tucked away in a little boxout in the top right corner a 17 year old Andrew Smith from Gateshead pontificates upon the not so finer points of the classic serial Death to the Daleks. Twice! Those of you with too much time on their hands can read that very page below. 

(Click to enlarge)

I remember the excitement of seeing my name in print within the pages of my favorite magazine when it first his the newsstands and four years later that same feeling was still their. This isn’t the only time I got a letter printed in the magazine but it’s the only one you’re ever going to read as the others are far too embarrassing.

This strange coincidence does raise one unnerving question. Has my ego invaded my subconscious? I picked the magazine at random but could my subconscious mind have pointed me in the direction of an issue with my name inside? A scary thought. I guess the only way I will find out is to randomly select a tape from the ITV local news archives and see whether it contains footage of a 10 year old me doing a rain dance at primary school during the weather forecast.


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