Underground, Overground, Wiffling Free

“At last an update!” I hear you cry in unison. Presented for you listening pleasure here is an interview I conducted with friend and author Bob Fischer almost two years ago on the subject of fandom. This was originally done for a university documentary project but now has regained relevance as an early trailer of the material that was to become Bob’s wonderful new book, Wiffle Lever to Full.

I will happily point out my bias at this point, I’m very fond of Bob and his long suffering girlfriend. I know several of the people mentioned in this book personally. Nevertheless I feel that if I had come to this work without any prior knowledge of the subject I’d still find it warm, amusing, touching and a very pleasurable way to spend several hours. If you feel so inclined you can buy a copy of the book at all good bookshops as well as via any on line retailer worth their weight in ten inch Christopher Eccleston action figures.

This interview has been edited to remove my own questions. I was rather sick on the day and my coughs, sniffs and general moaniness only serve to distract from Bob’s wonderful answers. It runs to about thirteen minutes. It isn’t specifically about Wiffle Lever to Full but I think a percentage of the book’s positive outlook on all things geeky comes across. I hope you think it does the book justice.

Apologies for the poor audio quality, youtube is the only free file host I know of. Any suggestions for improvement are gratefully received.


One Response to “Underground, Overground, Wiffling Free”

  1. I like the little ‘bonus track’ at the end of the second one!


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